The sun is shining & we’re back flying

Recent good weather has resulted in some great flying! In fact last year was busy, in between lockdowns, so we didn’t have a chance to update the site, but now it seems as though we can look forward to a summer free from restrictions, just the higher fuel cost to contend with unfortunately. So along with other flying organisations, we’ve had to increase our pricing (first time in 4 years). We’re also hoping to fly from some other locations, particularly Enstone in conjunction with our friends at Take Flight Aviation. Keep watching for more news on that!

EASA Aerobatic Rating

We are now operating under the Jupiter Flight Training Declared Training Organisation, and hence can now offer the EASA Aerobatic Rating which is of course a necessary requirement to fly aerobatics in an EASA aeroplane.

We have recently teamed up with the Jupiter Flight Training DTO to offer the EASA Aerobatic Rating. Otherwise our operation continues at Staverton as before for type conversions and introductory flights.

Jupiter Head of Training is Jon Cooke, well known as the Chair of the LAA Coaching Scheme for many years and a highly experienced flight instructor/examiner in all types of GA aircraft. Also involved is Christine Bell, another highly experienced instructor specialising in tailwheel conversions. We’re very glad to be aboard!