About Us

Altered Attitude Aerobatics operate a classic Pitts S2a from Gloucestershire (Staverton) Airport.

We operate as part of Jupiter Flight Training, an EASA Declared Training Organisation. This enables us to train PPL holders for the EASA Aerobatic Rating which is a requirement for flying aerobatics in an EASA C of A aircraft.

Paul Stanley

Paul has been flying since his mid-teens,  and has been a Flying Instructor specialising in aerobatics for over 10 years. He has over 500 hours flying experience in the Pitts Special, and so is well placed to teach and coach on the subtleties of flying the classic biplane aerobat to it’s best potential.

Roger Chamberlain

Roger has been an aviation enthusiast since childhood and has held a pilot’s licence for over 20 years. He has experience in aerobatics and classic tailwheel aircraft and is an Aerobatic Class Rating Instructor.