Aircraft Technical Details

G-IBII is a factory built 1977 Pitts S2a. It has a fuel injected  200hp Lycoming AEIO-360 engine with inverted fuel and oil systems and a 3-blade MT constant speed propeller. The airframe is certified to +6 to -3G. With an all-up weight of only just over 3/4 ton, the power to weight ratio is impressive, and despite the higher drag from a biplane configuration, it’s small size allows a cruising speed of 140mph. The wing section is symmetrical which allows easy inverted flight.

The aircraft was imported into the UK from Portugal in 2001 under the registration G-XATS, and fully refurbished to a very high standard. It was operated privately for a few years before being bought by Aerobatic Displays Ltd, re-registered G-IBII and repainted in it’s current colours to be a fourth aircraft in the Breitling Angels display team.

We bought G-IBII in July 2017 when Aerobatic Displays Ltd closed for business.

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